Dresden Roll20 Kutlickastan

Owl Fucking Kill You
When the life of the prime minister is threatened, two men must spring into action.

Two men and an owl.
Alexi Jaeger is delivered a letter by owl. The letter claims that Dmitri Medvedev requires his help. There is a ball that night, where Grigori Yarovich is in charge of security. Jaeger is picked up by limousine, and taken to the party by a “Tex”. Jaeger spends some uncomfrotable time with said Tex while Grigori Yarovich sees to the security of the party, setting up a perimeter and seeing to the metal detectors.
Jaeger proceeded to fuck up the metal detector. The party proceeded. The resident warden made his introduction to Jaeger. And Grigori was confronted by a suicide bomber. Jaeger discovered that the Prime Minister was extraordinarily powerful. Grigori confronted the bomber, and Jaeger managed to erect a shield to keep the explosion from harming anyone but the bomber.
Grigori confronted Jaeger, thinking that Jaeger had given the bomber a signal. When the dust cleared. Jaeger had managed to convince Grigori to trust him for the time being.

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