Alexi Jaeger

High Concept: Rebellious Geomancer


Trouble: Pride Goeth Before the Fall
Background: Cocksucker with a Heart of Gold
Rising Conflict: Only I command Myself
Story: When you Hit, Hit Hard

Great +4: Discipline. Conviction
Good +3: Resources, Lore
Fair +2: Contacts, Presence
Average +1: Alertness, Deceit, Endurance, Stealth, Burglary, Empathy, Weapons,

Adjusted Refresh: 2

Physical/Mental/Social Stress Boxes: 3/4/3

Channeling: Earth
Ritual: Divination
The Sight: A world of ash, metal, and stone.


Impale: Weapon 5
Harden: Provides Armor 2, lasts 3 exchanges.
Lighten: Applies the aspect “Light as a feather”. (Resisted by Acrobatics 3, lasts three exchanges).

Focus Items:

Bracelet with a Small Stone Cylinder: +1 Offensive Control. +1 Offensive Power.
Small Gold Earring: 1 Defensive Power/1 Defensive Control (Harden Rote only)

Enchanted Items:

Emerald Studded Ring: 3-power Block, 3/day.


Patrick stewart october 2 001

Alexi was born in Kutlikistan to a couple who was of no consequence. He demonstrated enough magical talent at an early age to be found and raised by the White Council. His experience in the chaotic country as a young man made ruthlessness a fact of survival. When the White Council welcomed him, it sparked a seed of generosity that he hasn’t quite been able to kill.

Rising Action

Jaeger was apprenticed to Rebecca Stolitz, a hardline White Council Wizard,who believed that rules were best applied strenuously. She raised him strictly, forming a sexual and mental bond with her apprentice. A bond he could never force himself to completely reciprocate. He eventually found comfort and guidance in Professor of Folk Lore Van Helsing, who helped him come to terms with his homosexuality, and who guided him towards Geomancy. Rebecca told him to stop seeing Van Helsing, claiming that a relationship besides her would hamper his studies. Accusing her of trying to force him to be her lover, Jaeger left for good, to find his own path.


Alexi found himself in Chicago, and began working in the employ of the mafia as a fixer and enforcer. His magic was never questioned, as long as he got results. Then came a schism, and Alexi found himself instructed to find a Marcone. He captured Marcone, thinking that the mortal could never defeat a magic user like himself, he let his guard down. Marcone had managed to hide a gun, and left Alexi wounded while he escaped.

Now, fleeing Chicago as Marconi rises to power, Alexi returns to his homeland at the behest of his old lover Van Helsing. For what he doesn’t know. But he dreads the old ghosts he might find there.

Alexi Jaeger

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